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Eat Well, and Be Well

The Organic Pantry Co. is on a mission to change what’s in the American pantry. The standard American pantry is full of snacks that are developed by food scientists to make consumers addicted to bad ingredients that are making people sick; processed sugars and grains, trans fats, and artificial additives contribute to heart disease, diabetes, obesity and a number autoimmune disorders. We want to replace heavily-processed, sugar-laden packaged products with our simple, nutrient-packed food that is made using only the cleanest ingredients, always organic and gluten-free, plant-based, and with no added sugars ever. Our goal is to change what America craves by making great-tasting, satisfying real foods.

We believe that, when it comes to food, less is more. Less ingredients and less additives add up to more nourishment and true-food flavor. We promise NO gimmicks, NO additives, NO added sugars, NO grains, NO dairy, NO oils, and NO cardboard taste!

In 2015, we started by making subtly-sweet granola using all-organic, anti-inflammatory ingredients, sweetened only with dates, a low-glycemic sweetener. In 2016, we added a line of savory crackers that feature superfood ingredients like turmeric, pumpkin seeds & sunflower seeds. All of our recipes are based around antioxidant-rich flaxseeds and protein-packed quinoa. Read more about the health benefits of our ingredients here. 

All of our products are hand-made in small batches in the San Francisco Bay Area, certified gluten-free, certified organic, and vegan. We are committed to using only the best-quality organic ingredients in everything we bring to market. We source most of our ingredients in California using local suppliers who have relationships with all their farmers. We are proud members of The Organic Trade Association (OTA) and work towards democratizing organic food.  

Organic Pantry Co. exists to make it easy for people to replace what they snack on with delicious, real food made with simple, honest ingredients and pure nutrition. Our goal is to put love, health, and peace of mind back into your pantry.

From my pantry to yours,

Theresa Petry
Founder and CEO | The Organic Pantry Co.

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